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Explore 83

Recreating the "Great American Roadtrip Adventure"

Our Mission

We are a group of individuals driven to promote the unique experiences found along the cross-continental Route 83 Highway. The cultural history, beautiful scenery, and old-fashioned folks along the way will transport travelers back to the basics of a classic family road trip. Route 83 is a place to immerse in the history of the backbone of North America. Our mission is to take the strong roots placed by this iconic road and redirect others back to its inspiring route.

The Construction of Highway 83

Originally spanning from Sterling, North Dakota down to the South Dakota border. Highway 83 was built in response to the people of North Dakota asking for another road as their state only had two at the time! Now 83 has grown immensely and reaches as far north as parts Canada and all the way down through the southern U.S. boarder into Mexico!

The People and Communities of Highway 83

Highway 83 is an escape to a slower pace of life, as its course runs through small towns where the hustle and bustle of the big cities fall away into a serene scene with beautiful landscapes and tight-knit communities. Friendly faces and open spaces are to be found all along the Route 83!

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